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We are based in Leamington and are available to visit customers in Royal Leamington Spa, Warwick, Coventry & Birmingham. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my website take to build?

This will depend on the features and complexity of your website. If you need something in a hurry you can always opt for a single page temporary site whilst your main site is being built. Typically you are looking at anywhere from 2-8 weeks.

will you write my content?

We can but it is often better that you provide your content especially if you work in a specialised industry. We’ll help to tidy it up and make sure it is user friendly for your customers and SEO friendly for Google.

what is seo and why do i need it?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation and it is the under the bonnet work that helps your website show organic results in google searches. You may have the greatest product or service in the world but it will fall by the wayside unless people can find it. 

It is important that your site has SEO maintained to keep up to date with changes in Google’s algorithms.


why do i need a maintenance package

Just like an MOT for a car it is important to keep your website maintained. Regular content updates not only show your business is active but will also help your SEO whilst keeping your software and data backed up and up to date keeps your site secure. 

can i make my own changes to my website?

Yes, once your website is built it will be handed over to you. We will give you a quick tour of how it works and how to make edits and updates.  We do however recommend a maintenance package so we can handle this for you as sometimes making one changes can potentially ‘break’ other areas of your site.


what can i do from my wordpress login?

Your WordPress login will allow you to make updates and edits to your website.

what support do i get with my website?

Every website will have 30 days of free support where we will work out any issues that may arise. After this we recommend a maintenance package to help keep your website in tip top shape.

how do i contact you?

We can be contacted via phone or email support as well as through the website contact and support forms. We aim to respond the same day in most cases but certainly within 24 hours.

CAn i refer someone to you for a website?

Yes, we are currently working out the details of our referral program but at present you will receive one months of our GOLD maintenance package on completion & settlement of the referred website.

how does your charity donation work?

we are proud to be supporting Prostate Cancer UK and will be donating 5% from all new website build sales so having your website built by is also supporting this great cause. The totals can be seen in our about page.