Care plans to keep your website secure and current

Software Updates

Ensures your website is running the latest versions of WordPress and any additional plugins. Outdated software can leave your website vulnerable.


Fresh Content

Any growing business wants to keep its customers updated on new products and services, price changes, and special offers as well as ensure your customers are having a great experience.

Performance Optimisation

Proactively ensuring your website is running at its best and navigating any potential issues before they arise prevents any interruption of service for your customers.

* Small tasks constitute small content updates, adding products & minor fixes. Typically, these are jobs that are completed in under 20 minutes.

* Only one small task may be submitted at a time and new small task requests will only be started on completion of the last.

*Major changes such as redesigns, additional pages or functionality must be submitted by requesting a quote 

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Annual plans offer BIG savings

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